Episode H: New Year's Gameroom Resolutions

In Episode H, the PGG reviews Hard Hat by Exidy, Happy Pigs by IELLO Games, and Harley Davidson by Sega Pinball. They also look back at 2017 with their favorite games from the year and look forward to 2018 with their gameroom predictions and resolutions.
News and Banter
The ABPs of Gamerooms
Arcade: Hard Hat
Board Game: Happy Pigs
Pinball: Harley Davidson
2017 in Review and Looking Forward to 2018
2017 Best Games
  • Arcade: Hard Hat
  • Board Game: Gloomhaven & Avenue
  • Pinball: Dialed In!
  • Arcade: Hard Hat
  • Board Game: Kingdomino
  • Pinball: Dialed In!
2018 Predictions
  • Arcade: There will be a new Arcade documentary
  • Board Game: The year will be regarded as a down year for games
  • Pinball: Jimmy's favorite game will be a remake
  • Arcade: An FPGA arcade platform will be created
  • Board Game: Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar will be delived during the year
  • Pinball: Stern will reveal a Harry Potter pin at Chicago Expo
2018 Resolutions
  • Arcade: I will submit a top 5 score to Twin Galaxies
  • Board Game: I will attend a major board game convention
  • Pinball: I will join a local pinball league
  • Gameroom: I will pick up my first pin
  • Arcade: I will create a MAME platform
  • Board Game: I will play all of my currently unplayed games
  • Pinball: I will clean up and sell one of my pinball machines
  • Gameroom: I will do at least one gameroom project
Transition Music Adapted From:
The A-Team Theme Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEhnt5O2FUc
Harley Davidson Audio: https://www.pinsound.org/pinballs/wpc-alpha-dmd/harley-davidson/