Who We Are
The PGG is passionate about games and gamerooms, and we want to share that passion with you! We a produce a high-quality, family-friendly podcast that explores the different worlds of board games, classic arcade, and pinball. This podcast is our way of talking about the things we love and contributing to the community.

Jimmy I love playing games!

When I was growing up, I played classic games and card games with my family, but it wasn't until my college years that I discovered there were other in-depth strategy games. I dove in fully and didn't look back. These days I will play anything put in front of me but primarily enjoy medium to heavy weight Euros (which just means that I value mechanics-driven games more than theme-driven ones). I think that board games are a great way to connect with people in a non-threatening way.

Tolie introduced me to pinball a few years back, and I immediately enjoyed it. I like the way pinball blends mental strategy with physical skill. In addition to playing, I find pinball repair and maintenance an interesting and rewarding hobby.

My love of classic arcade games began when I was five years old and didn't understand what attract mode is. After repeatedly "playing" Excitebike at a pizza parlor, I turned to my mom, close to tears, and said, "I just keep dying in the same spot every time." My mom was just happy that she didn't have to give me any quarters to "play". Now older and (somewhat) wiser, I still love arcade games, particularly those from the early 1980s with simple controls.

I live in the Boulder, CO area, work as an Electrical Engineer, and have a lovely wife. When I'm not playing games, I love being outside (as most true Coloradans do); you can find me backpacking, camping, or riding my bike (fixie or road). I also am an avid reader of modern literature and classic sci-fi/fantasy.
Tolie I am a bit of a crazy idea-guy and dreamer. Occasionally, I will come through on one of these ideas, but mostly...I don't. A lot of these ideas center around multiplayer games extending beyond what we are all familiar with: 3 player ping-pong, 4-player foosball (1v1v1v1), multi-player simultaneous pinball of 3 or more, etc.

I have a great nostalgia for arcade games and can remember a few from my early childhood such as Mario Bros., Ms. Pac-Man, & Galaga. It wasn't until much later that I discovered the unique joy that pinball offers with the tangible ball you can manipulate. As such, I have been hooked on the silver ball for the last several years. Currently, I am still searching for the perfect pinball machine that blends art & presentation with gameplay, awesome toys/mechanisms with lights, audio and moving pictures.

Jimmy and I have been working together for the last handful of years. I can still remember giving him a hard time when not putting together a good game on our work's old No Good Gofers pinball machine. Not only did this show Jimmy's competitive spirit, but helped fuel his dominance over the office's leaderboard in all things pinball/arcade related...except for Joust! Jimmy also introduced me to awesome board gaming beyond typical Milton Bradley and classic US games. Dexterity games are still blowing my mind and the barrier to entry for making your own game is so much lower compared to arcade or pinball.

I live in Boulder County, CO with my wife and 3 young kids. Professionally, I work as an Embedded Systems Engineer doing mostly Firmware/Software on a variety of complex devices. Beyond arcade, board-games & pinball, I like to watch movies (80's Fantasy & Sci-Fi specialist) and hang on the street with the family riding all sorts of wheeled gizmos like freeline skates, ripstiks, rollerblades, and jumping stilts.

What does the "I" in IFAQ mean?

What are these ABPs that you guys are always talking about?
ABP stands for "Arcade, Board Games, and Pinball." The ABPs section is when we talk about some of our favorite games whose names start with the letter of the episode. So, in Episode A, we talk about Arkanoid, Alchemists, and Addams Family. Get it? It's a play on the ABCs of Gamerooms...we're so clever.

Do you have a plan for episode names after you run out of letters?
No. Let us know if you have any ideas.

How do you decide what games to review?
Our decision is based solely on what games we want to talk about. Our opinions are entirely our own and not influenced by any other entity. If you'd like us to review a specific game, shoot us a message and we'll consider it.

Do you accept review copies of games?
If you are a game designer or publisher and would like to send us a review copy of your game, contact us and we will consider it as well as let you know our policies. Know that our opinions are entirely our own and will not be influenced by any other factor.
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